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Our Commitment To Quality

We are committed to quality workmanship, on-time performance and the structural integrity of our product. We strive to build our projects defect free. 

The foundation of these statements lies in the belief that Quality Leads and Quantity Follows. This belief is shared and followed throughout our entire organization.

Our Commitment To Safety

Jobsite safety is top priority at Nomad. Training and awareness are the keys to a safe workplace. Nomad promotes the continuing education of safety awareness to all its employees and our subcontractor workforce.


All of Nomad’s field personnel have passed the OSHA 10-hour training program, all Project Managers have their OSHA 30-hour certification and all are certified in CPR and first aid, OSHA rigging ceritifcation and forklift operation training.


Nomad has partnered with the National Framers Council™ and its FrameSAFE™ program to implement best practices to help ensure the safety of our employees and subcontractors. We have a fully documented Safety Program adopted our work with FrameSAFE™ complete with a Fall Protection Program, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and checklists. Multiple daily safety walks are performed on every project and weekly company “Tool Box Talks,” to address possible hazards and concerns on all of our projects.


The beneficial impact of jobsite safety directly correlates to reduced injury, but more importantly reflects our fundamental commitment to our workers’ welfare, as well as our responsibility to the overall jobsite and the clients we serve.

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