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Wood and Light-Gauge Steel Framing

Company-wide, our project teams operate under a single set of standard operating procedures, enabling us to maintain consistencies and efficiencies for every aspect of project management and the framing process. Our standard operating procedures, written and developed in-house by employee focus groups with the participation of our builder/clients, specifically address the kinds of issues and challenges encountered in the process of building a quality home.


Our adherence to these standards enables us to meet the most demanding production schedules while still providing the highest level of quality and safety.


Material Supply & Management

The Nomad Companies have made the purchasing of material a science. Our experienced staff has developed and maintains its own computer database systems on which supply and delivery information is readily available. Our customers immediately recognize the dollar savings once a project starts. From adherence to the production schedules to reduced waste and removal costs, Nomad Supply continually strives to deliver savings and value in our clients' quest to build the highest quality housing.

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