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Wood, Light-Gauge Steel, Timber & CLT Framing

Company-wide, our project teams operate under a single set of standard operating procedures no matter which product we utilize to frame, enabling us to maintain consistencies and efficiencies for every aspect of project management and the framing process.


Over the last three decades, we have developed safety standards, training and quality control programs, and have established paths for continuous growth. We constantly strive for higher industry standards by listening to our team, vendors, clients, and subcontractors. With this feedback we established The Nomad Way, a complete guide to our operations. The guide consists of sixteen principles and covers aspects such as on-site risks assessment, training, incident management and personal protective equipment, as well as instructions for the most high-risk work processes on the construction sites.


By investing in cutting-edge construction management software, technology, tools and equipment, we do everything from ensuring proper flow of crucial information between office and field and provide the precision and efficiency required to stay ahead of schedule.


Our expert carpenters and framers are highly regarded by our customers. Through experience, they fine-tuned their skills to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in the industry. This long-lasting reputation has allowed us to get the job done right the first time.

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